Welcome to Presque Isle, Maine!

The Presque Isle Industrial Council (PIIC) was incorporated July 5, 1961 by the City of Presque Isle.  Our mission is to establish economic development programs to attract new businesses and industry to the City of Presque Isle, Maine.

We works with new and existing businesses to create and retain jobs for the community.  The PIIC is responsible for the Management and Development of Skyway Industrial Park.  We also assist with construction and/or renovations for Skyway Industrial Park tenants and maintains the grounds of Skyway Industrial Park.

The Park is located adjacent to the Presque Isle International Airport, General Aviation, and the railroad.  It consists of over 450 acres of land in Presque Isle that is ideally suited to business and industrial facilities.  The PIIC has completed the permitting process through the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.  The Permit allows for site development.  Land and buildings are available for lease or purchase.

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